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Haiti holds a wealth of historical sites and a vibrant and unique culture that belies its small size. Undiscovered destinations offer both group tours and tailor made holidays to this hidden gem that take you to the heart of the country, exploring its history and culture and taking in breathtaking sites such as the magnificent Citadelle, a vast fortress said to be the largest in the western hemisphere. The world’s first black republic offers visitors the chance to see a different, more authentic side to the Caribbean and to explore a history full of pirates and revolutions that still resonates today.

Detailed Itinerary


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1. Day:
Arrival to Cap-Haitien; check in the hotel; dinner in the typical restaurant

2. Day:
Breakfast at the hotel; drive to Sans souci; guided tour of National park; lunch at the local restaurant; dinner at the hotel

3. Day:
Breakfast at the hotel; guided tour of the town; tasting; free afternoon; dinner at the hotel

4. Day:
Breakfast at the hotel; drive to Labadie; guided tour of ile à rat; tasting at the typical Haitien food; tour by Jet Ski;

5. Day:
Breakfast at the hotel; daily excursion at the Historical sights of Vertieres – Visit of art museum of Limbe, traditional lunch; dinner.






 SANS SOUCI – located at Milot in the north of Haiti. Built in the nineteenth century, the Sans souci Palace is the work of Henri Christophe, one of the heroes of the war of independence proclaimed king. He ordered the construction of the grand palace in a style that would rival Versailles.

These buildings housed the royal residence but also the seat of government, barracks and even a hospital.
They were in parts destroyed by the 1842 earthquake and never rebuilt.

CAP HAITIEN, administrative center and largest urban center, known as having the largest concentration of historic buildings is a region whose economy is based on tourism. Its calm waters and picturesque Caribbean beaches, the Citadel la Ferriere, a World Heritage Site makes it a destination resort and vacation. Cap Haitian also welcomes more foreign tourism that many regions of Haiti. It is a unique site by its French colonial architecture, which was particularly well preserved. The International Airport Cap Haitian, the second largest in the country, provides scheduled several times a day to Port-au-Prince but also daily flights to Florida, Providential and other destinations in the area.


LABADEE ranked among the most beautiful villages of Haiti, Labadie is known as the finest and most exclusive resort of the Caribbean Sea. This fishing village, where docks regularly cruise ship Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is a private beach, located 5 km north-west of Cap-Haitien.

This fortress built by Henri Christophe to stem the European invaders. At that time, it was one of the most important fortresses the Americas, was regarded as the eighth wonder of the world. 20,000 people took part in the building was equipped with 365 cannons size and enormous reserves of cannon balls. From the summit of the citadel, one could admire the city of Cap-Haitian and a panoramic view of the entire northern region.

Commonly called Arawak Art Museum of Guahaba. Museum is located in the town of Limbe. Inside it you can admire the pieces of the pre-Columbian period discovered during archaeological excavations in Puerto Real, city built in 1503 during the Spanish colonization, near Cape Town, which is now the town of Limonade.
Museum Guahaba or Limbe Museum is dedicated to Native American artifacts indigenous Arawak / Taino tribes. These tribes inhabited the region before the arrival of African slaves.


Created by presidential decree in 1978, the National Historical Park located in eastern North massive area recognized world heritage pars UNESCO in 1982. It houses the Citadelle Laferrière one of the most imposing fortresses built on the continent in the nineteenth century by King Henry 1, the Sans Souci Palace whose remains have now called the Royal Chapel Parish Church of Milot, the gardens of the Queen, the King's Palace. These universal symbols of liberty located inside the historic National Park in a beautiful natural setting consisting of rocky peaks are covered with luxuriant vegetation; they account for Haitians the first monuments of their independence.

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