1 - Haiti has the second-longest coastline in the Caribbean after Cuba: 1,100 miles. Over 70 percent of its beaches are still virgin.


2 - It is the first and only Black country in the Western Hemisphere whose independence from slavery is the result of a successful rebellion by enslaved people. The nation defeated a major world power in the Haitian Revolutionary War, under the command of Jean Jacques Dessalines. Haiti defeated the world’s mightiest army at the time, France, on Nov. 18, 1803, after 14 years of battle.


3- The United States is Haiti’s biggest trade partner. More than half of Haitian imports come from the United States, and more than 80 percent of its exports go to the United States.


4- Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean.


5 - Haiti occupied the Dominican Republic for 22 years from 1822 to 1844, holding the entire island of Hispaniola under its jurisdiction.

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